Where to find red mercury?

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There is a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity about red mercury. There are those who deny its existence and consider it a baseless myth. Some confirm its existence and have evidence of it. What is red mercury? What are the places where there are?

What is red mercury?
  • Red mercury is a code (obscure name) of one of the nuclear military programs of a country, or another of one of the uncommon similar types of plutonium or uranium, which is used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

  • Red mercury is a pseudo-substance used in fraudulent operations on terrorist cells, such as al-Qaeda,and ISIS And some third world countries that want to acquire nuclear weapons,They are sold on the basis that they facilitate the manufacture of nuclear weapons and are sold at fictional prices, but they are originally a cheap substance consisting of a mixture of mercury oxide, dual iodide mercury, or a mixture of ordinary mercury and red colors.

  • Red mercury is a real substance used in the preparation of a nuclear bomb. This prediction is based on a report of Russian Foreign Minister Eugenie talking about red mercury. The report on the Soviet Union's production of this substance was published in 1968. Chemists call this substance " H925 B206), and prepared by scientists of the rare substances exist and the price per kilogram of one 150 thousand to 300 thousand dollars.

  • There is a saying that the substance used in the technique "stealth", where military aircraft coating to prevent it from monitoring radar and monitoring devices.

Where to find the red mercury?
  • scientifically Mercury is extracted from gold, by exposing raw gold to high radiation.
  • As it is extracted from the underground or from the craters of the volcanoes after the explosion.
  • But the problem is that it is extracted in very small quantities does not exceed the Milligrams.

Types of red mercury?
  • Natural red mercury: organic matter and vital tissue.
  • Synthetic or chemical mercury, which is manufactured from raw gold.
Despite all this, this subject is still obscure, and everything is written about just speculation and hypotheses.

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