What is the ideal number of intercourse between Couples ?

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Sex and health go hand in hand. Research has joined it to a slimmer waistline, a stronger heart and a degrade risk for prostate and breast cancers. It's along with a boon for mental health, back sex is linked in the midst of lower rates of depression and greater than before atmosphere.

But Americans today are having less of it than Americans a decade ago, according to a just-released psychiatry appearing in Archives of Sexual Behavior.

From 2010 to 2014, the average American adult had sex nine fewer period per year than Americans did from 2000 to 2004, the researchers found. That slip in frequency was even steeper for married couples who rouse together; they had sex 16 fewer time a year.

The title of the article may be strange, but it is a real question! The perceptions of some couples with the numbers that must be achieved in the practice of sexual intercourse make it imperative for us to ask this question. If we ask about ecstasy in the relationship and access to desired sexual happiness, surely the answer will be the degree of understanding between spouses and satisfy each other's desire. So the couple should know that there are also several factors on which sexual desire depends, including:

  • Age group The ability to practice sexual intercourse may vary ideally for a couple in the early twenties for a middle-aged couple, as confirmed by many scientific research.

  •  Age of marriage It is normal to be a great sexual desire for a couple at the beginning of their marital life is different when compared to couples in the middle of their marriage. so Sexual desire is variable.

  •  Many people may agree that there are different responses to the daily stress and life problems that we experience, and so it is for the practice of sexual relationship, the mood of both couples is a strong influence on the presence of sexual desire or not.

  •  Health status is also one of the most important reasons that affect the couple's Intercourse, such as exhaustion and fatigue for various reasons such as travel, pregnancy, birth or even hormonal and physical changes in times of the menstrual cycle.

These various factors that affect the performance of the marital relationship reach us that there is no specific answer to the ideal numbers of the number of sexual practices both day and week. If you want to reach sexual happiness with your husband you have to talk together and talk about if there is something undesirable in the relationship so you ignore that.

“Forget about ‘normal.’ ‘Normal’ is a setting on the washing machine, nothing more. What’s most important is that you learn to have empathy for your partner and accept whatever their needs might be, even if they are different than your own,” she explained. Below,  sex therapists share the advice they give couples concerned about their sex lives (or lack thereof). Stop worrying about how often other couples are doing it.

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