How to raise my children

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Gentle treatment

The child is treated gently, especially when his parents help him with household chores and the use of pleasant and polite phrases. For example, if the father asks his child to hang his coat, he can say "Please hang your coat on the shelf" and then praise him and praise him when he does. You "and if he does not prefer to help him gently, keep away from yelling at him.

Help others in front of children

Do not hesitate to help others in front of the child, such as help the person to help a person who fell on the ground, and if the child does not see the event should talk to him about the situation at home so that he has the incentive to help others and feel the need to help people in need of assistance, The concept in the mind of the child can be played with a game called "What if?", As if the father threw a dish of food on the ground, and then let his child think about the options that show his upbringing and kindness with others.

Focus on effort

Children's efforts to achieve something must be highlighted because the goal of quality education is not the ultimate test, but the ability to encourage children, create their motivation, and commit to it through several factors for the development and development of the mind.

Raising children to ethics

Children must be raised on ethics, by doing the following:

  • The parent may wish to have a fair, compassionate, responsible and generous child. However, it is difficult for the child to accept all these ideas at the same time. This is why it is recommended to arrange ethics and teach them one by one so as not to feel tired.

  • Instruct the child to use his feelings and sense of responsibility to determine whether his actions are right or wrong, which will help him determine the correct behavior, according to the magazine (Kaboose) family.

  • Explaining the natural consequences of bad or inappropriate behavior by the child. The doctor, William Sears, associate professor of pediatrics at the University of California, notes that lying constantly leads to friends moving away from him. People are close to him, so talk to him about the danger before it happens.

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