How to make her love me: How to make a girl fall in love with you

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"How to make a girl fall in love with me" Or "How do I make her love me?" It's a question that most men are looking for... But you have to know, that you will not kidnap woman heart and mind so easily  So you have to do more to make any girl fall in love with you, so know that woman is difficult to reach, and you have to insist on being the right man 

Since your question is: How do I make her love me? Here are the tips that help you even slightly to understand the girl so you can push her to fall in love with you 

1 - Know my dear that the girl likes to see herself in the eyes of others, She doesn't like to treat her as a young person, nor an old one so tries to feel her with the childhood of her soul, not her mind.

2 - During your conversation with her do not get busy with other things and do not try to look at the watch a lot, this will make her feel that you need to leave or you are tired of talking with her.

3 - sweet talk first attracts the girl to you so this will make her fall in love very quickly.

4 - Be a man in the sense of the word .. You know very well that masculinity is one of the important things that girl looking for in any man 

5 -  Be a father, the girl is always looking for someone that contains her like a father, and at the same time kind to her.

6 - Unfortunately you can win the heart of many girls through money and gifts, but I know that this method is wrong, as it will be the cause of problems that will occur in the future if the relationship develops to marriage.

7 - take care of your look to get the love of the girl who you want to complete your life with her, where the look is the first thing to attract women to men, do not ignoring your appearance and be clean and attractive at all times.

8 - Do not be shy in your feelings towards her, the girl loves the man who is daring , which expresses everything that goes on in his heart and mind, and tell her words and whispering of his feelings about her.

9 - Do not get angry at your girl, and know that this anger will never forget over time, and that anger may generate a sense of fear and all she wants is to feel safe near you.

10. Always take care of the surprises, do not forget the special occasions, it is romantic to give your partner this feeling that she is very special.

11. Take care of every word the girl says, and try not to forget anything she said to you  someday, and tried to remember her words from time to time.

12 - cared about your girl a lot, and love her interests and hobbies, and helped her to practice that hobbies and complete the work that started.

13 - Care to know the dream of your girl , and help her to achieve this dream.

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