How to change your lifestyle

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Renewing lifestyle

Lifestyle can be renewed by:

Changing the environment: Changing something, even a little bit of the surrounding environment or anything in daily life, such as changing the background of the computer screen, or mobile case or changing the gym or workout plan this little change helps stimulate the brain to redirect positive emotions and dissipate negative energy.

Changing the workplace: When you change places and exposure to new sounds, new smells,  different views, and new people, the most important things that break the routine, the human nature is fall in the cycle of routine quickly and the negative energies begin to affect the productivity and feelings.

Work on changing ideas: When you feel unhappy or restricted, you can read different books, learn new things, learn ways to build healthy relationships, or consult trainers in starting a business, or start a new sport you never try before for example.

Get rid of problems

Problems and their negative effects on your life and personality can be eliminated by :
Stay away from the problem: By going away from anywhere or someone can be a reason to remember the problem, it may seem like an escape but the intention is to open up new horizons to dispel negative energy and bring positive energy through a link to a place or a different situation than before.

Spirituality: Some find peace and tranquillity when going to places of worship, others prefer to go between trees and nature to meditate and think deeply and get rid of anger, and to get inspiration and a sense of satisfaction.

Take advantage of bad experience: Bad experience helps to have experiences where you can advise and help others to avoid the same mistakes and problem which you suffered in the past.

Plan to start a new life

The lifestyle can be changed in 99 days by: 

(1-33): The first task is to tell friends, parents and co-workers by starting a special task, the need for support, encouragement and observation through them, helping to follow new ways and adjusting the path to returning to old habits. Others are sometimes harder than self-defeating.

(33-66): The second task is self-analysis, whether the goal is to change bad habit or acquire a new habit, then the need to dive deeply into our thoughts and unconsciousness and guide a set of questions, what is the meaning of life? Why do what we do? What do we want for ourselves? What do we get from achieving the goal? Deep dive in analysis generates internal energy driving to achieve any goal, so the 99-day journey to change becomes easier.

 (66-99): the stage of light, there are still 33 days to finish the mission, the goal is not yet clear but it shines from afar, this stage carries many challenges may become tired, or forget the purpose of achieving the goal, and must find a way And a means of sticking to it in order to provide the necessary support and renew the energy to continue and achieve the last goal.

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