How to be beautiful and attractive without makeup

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If you are a new bride and you like to look beautiful all the time and afraid of the frequent use of make-up industrial cosmetics For the presence of harmful chemicals that harm the skin As there is no rule that the girl if she wants to become beautiful, must use cosmetics and makeup , you should follow the tips that we will remind you through this article until you get a fresh skin, beautiful and healthy all the time and without makeup or any other cosmetics 

1 - Drink enough water: You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day as the water has an excellent effect on the skin. It prevents dryness, makes it flexible and gives it a glossy and shiny appearance as well as it prevents and delays the appearance of wrinkles Because it moisturizes the body and expels toxins as we know that water is the secret of life Make daily drinking water a routine work and it will become part of your daily routine.

2 - Clean the skin and body carefully: If you want your skin to look shiny and durable, you should always take a shower twice a day and use some natural moisturizers as well. Continuous cleaning protects your skin from deposits that clog the pores Swimming is also important as it refreshes the skin and increases the strength of the muscles so your body looks more exciting and attractive
 and It makes you feel very energetic.

3 - Hair Care: The hair is the title of the beauty of women and therefore you should use the shampoo and conditioner that suitable for your hair to maintain the softness and gloss and protect your hair from falling and shelling to protects your scalp also from dry But be careful of excessive use of shampoos and conditioner because they contain chemicals that may affect your hair negatively

4 - Stop touching your face: Avoid touching your face especially if you are in the air So as not to move the bacteria and microbes stuck with your hands to your face and increase the risk of the acne and leave ugly marks on your face weaken your beauty and attractiveness, and you should also avoid rubbing your eyes so as not to cause the presence of dark circles and signs below your eyes that also directly affect your beauty appearance.

5 - Take care of the details: The beautiful eyes are one of the most important aspects of beauty for women. The shape of the eyebrows determines the shape of the face. Select your eyebrows in a way that is appropriate to the nature and shape of your face, and you should remove the excess hair from your body and face so that you look more beautiful and attractive.

6 - beautiful smile : try to maintain the appearance of your lips and teeth because your lips and teeth are the ones that give your smile beauty and attractiveness, use natural materials to keep your softness, moisture and color of your lips and wash your teeth with the appropriate paste as well as the pink lips to make your smile bright and shiny.

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