12 facts about Prince Harry's fiancee...

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Like a lot of actresses and stars, Meghan chose a different name to act as her stage name instead of her real one. Meghan is actually her middle name, with her full name being Rachel Meghan Markle.
and she has given up acting for Prince Harry's marriage to Hollywood star 
Grace Kelly, who has stopped her Oscar-winning career with the Prince of Monaco.

1- Meghan Markle, an American actress born on August 4, 1981, 36, grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

2- She was born from a white father and a black mother her father was a cinematographer in the 1980s and reported that she suffered because of that when looking for good roles,
. "She is not white enough to get white roles and not black enough to get black roles," she said. She is proud of her African-American mother's race.

3- Graduated in 2003 at Northwestern University Communication College, and was launched before graduation in acting.

4- Her first appearance on television was in an American series in 2002, one of her most famous works "CSI and the Castle", before the Hollywood debut Before starting in the major Hollywood business.

5- Megan tried to enter the world of politics before the artwork, before being famous in the series «Suits» She worked as a trainee at her country's embassy in Argentina.

6- She wrote a letter to the first American lady at the time, Hillary Clinton asking her to intervene against a television ad because it is offensive to women.

7- Meghan is not British; she’s of mixed race She was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California, but Meghan is actually is biracial, with African American (owing to her mom), Dutch, and Irish blood. Her father.

8- Prince Harry is not her first husband. In September 2011, she married producer Trevor Engelson, but they divorced after two years, according to the BBC Despite all the divorce dramas that have dogged the Royal Family over the years, from Wallis Simpson to Camilla Parker Bowles, it appears that the Queen gave Markle her blessing to marry her grandson.

9- Because it is not related to the blood of the royal family, Megan will not get the title of princess, but the title of Her Royal Highness.

10- Became an Ambassador to Vision World Canada, which organizes education, food and health campaigns for children around the world. Megan also follows about two million on Instagram and 350,000 onTwitter.

11- She once ran her own lifestyle blog, The Tig Like Gwyneth Paltrow and countless other celebrities, Markle once ran her own highly-successful lifestyle website where she shared savvy tips on everything from travel to recipes to beauty secrets. Launched back in 2014, The Tig found success with the under-40 crowd and was praised by publications like InStyle.

12- Meghan Markle was the number one most searched actress on Google last year (2016). People would Google something like “Meghan Markle?” and get everything they needed to know about the young, soon-to-be Mrs. Prince Harry.

13- charitable activities area of interest was the reason for her meeting with Prince Harry, as toured together in Africa last year, and was the first meeting during the course Invictus sports games organized by Prince Harry, former soldiers who have been hampered by injury in the war.

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