12 facts you didn't know about Rihanna

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Many art lovers want to know more about Rihanna, so articleeveryday.com Submit to you facts
about Rihanna's life, which she did not know she was in her 16th year, will open her doors of luck and fame, after years of turbulent life under the father of an alcoholic, and mother that work Accounting.

When one of her friends introduced her to producer Evan Rodgers, who arranged for her to meet with the CEO of Def Jam, who believed in her talent, and knew that her path was full of success, he signed a contract with his company.

In this context we will present some interesting facts about the singer, actress and fashion designer Rihanna, according to the site "India today":

1-Her real name is "Robin Rayana Vinti" and was born in San Michael on the island of Barbados on 20 February.

2 - Once revealed during an episode of the program "Oprah" that she often sends her mother gifts, but they return them again because they thought it was too expensive, and among the gifts was a five-bedroom house.

3. Rihanna rejected several offers to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine.

4 - used to drink wine and vodka before climbing on stage.

5 - She has 19 tattoos so far and wants more, and Rihanna once commented, "like hanging out in tattoo shops ."

6. She was granted an honorary title as Ambassador of Culture and Youth in Barbados. In 2008, Barbados dedicated a public holiday to honor her, and Rihanna thanked her fans with a free concert.

7. Umbrella song achieved a great success, but when the singer performed her concerts in the UK she prevented her fans from bringing umbrellas to the place because she was afraid her fans would get hurt while trying to imitate her dance with the Umbrella on stage.

8. Rihanna does not like Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, or Indian food, nor does she like vegetables and instead eat fruits.

9. Rihanna works in fashion. She has been a spokesmodel for high-end designer brand Gucci. In February 2013, Rihanna presented her first women's spring fashion collection at London Fashion Week for British street fashion brand River Island, collaborating with her personal stylist Adam Selman.

10. Rihanna organised a bachelorette party for her close friend Katy Perry in 2010. Rihanna treated Perry and friends to a production of Ka by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. They later went to Las Vegas's Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club pool where the party continued until the wee hours of the morning.

11. Her big break came in 2003 when she introduced to music producer Evan Rogers through mutual friends, who was vacationing in Barbados with his wife at the time. Rihanna went to audition for him with two of her classmates. He tells Entertainment Weekly, "The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn't exist." She ended up leaving Barbados and moving to Connecticut with Rogers and his wife to try and jumpstart her career.

12. She was planned to perform at the 51st Grammy Awards but it was cancelled because of her wild relationship with Chris Brown resulted in her attacking her in February 2009.. She didn't speak about the occurrence until nine months later when she broke her silence on ABC to Diane Sawyer. "This happened to me…It can happen to anyone," the singer had said.

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