5 Mistakes stop Muscle Building

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Bodybuilding is one of the most important sports of a male nature because it is concentrated on strength and weight lifting. In general, when it comes to bodybuilders, men compete with each other and rush to load heavy weights to express their strength . However, this can often lead to problems manifested by muscular rupture and severe pain in the back and joints. Bodybuilding sport is very useful, but it hides many risks, especially if practiced in the wrong way, and did not follow the guidance of the coach. Follow this article and discover common mistakes in bodybuilding, and try to avoid:

1 - Exercise daily: It is true that some experts advise to exercise daily, but the exercise bodybuilding should not be done daily because this muscle stress is not able to endurance and this may lead to muscle rupture. It has been shown that the muscles need to rest to be able to carry heavy weights and to give the required result. Also, it has been shown that muscle relaxation is one of the main pillars of the building, the process of muscle building reaches its peak in the rest days 

2 - Do not warm up : Some men avoid from warm-up exercises before embarking on carrying heavy weights and bodybuilding sport, which is a common mistake and harmful. The lack of warm-up exercises makes the body muscle not ready to carry heavy weights and this may lose your balance during the exercise. It has been proven that warm-up exercises are the main foundation for muscle preparation and preparation for the next muscle and physical effort. Therefore, the commitment to its performance helps to stimulate the movement of blood circulation in the body and increases the flexibility and fitness and muscle capacity to endurance, which in turn reduces the chances of muscle injuries as muscle strength increases.

3 - Heavy lifting: It is true that the bodybuilding sport is dedicated to men to highlight their strength and the structure of their masculine bodies, but at the same time the man should avoid carrying weights that exceed the endurance to prevent muscle spasms or pain in the joints. In this context, experts emphasize your commitment to carrying weights that suit your ability to endure especially if you are a beginner in bodybuilding. Muscle building is not based on sudden and rapid increase in weights, but is based on gradual increase

4 - Loss of balance in the performance of the exercises: One of the common mistakes that men fall victim to in the exercise bodybuilding, and noted that a large group of men swing and sway while carrying weights, which loses the exercise is relevance and prevent them from getting the result. Unbalance can also damage the spine.

5 - Stability on a single training system: One of the mistakes that men make during the exercise of bodybuilding is their persistence on one training system throughout the exercise period, and for a long period of time. It turns out that this creates a routine and causes muscle dysfunction, so you have to diversify in your training system every two months.

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