Avoid these 11 reasons !! and I promise you will remain safe without accidents all your life

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Road traffic accidents are one of the most serious problems facing us in our time and constitute a great concern for us and all members of society. because of the depletion of the most important component of life, namely human resources, as well as depletion of material resources and cause social and psychological problems of members of society Its effects have been lost for many years articleveryday.com presents to you today the most important reasons leading to traffic accidents that may lead people to death and cause physical disabilities :

Causes of traffic accidents

1Increased speed: The speed of the vehicle increases its loss of control And hinder the ability to avoid accidents, and the increase in the speed of the vehicle is one of the main causes of traffic accidents, Contributing 43.6% of the total causes of traffic accidents.

2- Incorrectly bypass traffic signals: Override the red traffic signal is the second largest cause of traffic accidents, Contributing 18.4% of the total causes of traffic accidents So try driving carefully and avoiding crazy speed. Nothing is worth this speed

3 - Do not overtake properly: The wrong excess of vehicles causes 16.5% of traffic accidents when you try to pass a car on the road, be very careful and use the right or left turn signal. "driving, art, taste, and ethics" remember that

4 - Recklessness while driving vehicles: Some drivers think they own the road and do not care about other vehicles and cars surrounding them, and do not care about their safety or the safety of others So you have to pay attention to the road and remember that the street is not yours, but it belongs to all, therefore, Do not get dazzled in your fast car and forget yourself on the way

5 - Lack of concentration during driving: this is caused by the driver's concern to talk on the phone, or talk to his companions Or not focus his eyes on the road while driving, as well as his preoccupation with rolling tapes, all of these causes distracted driver's mind and cause traffic accidents.

6 - Non-compliance with general safety conditions such as not using seat belts while driving the safety belt is very important and may save you from death and you do not know

7- Driving vehicles by unqualified persons: the driving of vehicles by young minors and adolescents is one of the causes of traffic accidents. They do not care or appreciate the magnitude of the risks they will encounter while driving vehicles without training or awareness,

8 - Periodic repairing of the vehicle: Periodic maintenance of tires and brakes is necessary to avoid traffic accidents.

9 - Driving the visually impaired and the elderly of vehicles

10 - Driving when feeling tired and sleepy, so watch out.

11 - The presence of animals on the roads, therefore, open your eyes

  and The most common traffic accident injuries is Spinal Cord Injury, Brain concussion and head injuries, Amputation of limbs, Burns, Bruises of the rib cage, heart and lungs, Fractures, Psychological and social effects and others and most people with traffic accidents are in a state of fear, anxiety, and forgetfulness, which in turn lead to depression.

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