Avoid these 11 reasons !! and I promise you will remain safe without accidents all your life

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Road traffic accidents are one of the most serious problems facing us in our time and constitute a great concern for us and all members of society. because of the depletion of the most important component of life, namely human resources, as well as depletion of material resources and cause social and psychological problems of members of society Its effects have been lost for many years articleveryday.com presents to you today the most important reasons leading to traffic accidents that may lead people to death and cause physical disabilities :

Causes of traffic accidents

1Increased speed: The speed of the vehicle increases its loss of control And hinder the ability to avoid accidents, and the increase in the speed of the vehicle is one of the main causes of traffic accidents, Contributing 43.6% of the total causes of traffic accidents.

2- Incorrectly bypass traffic signals: Override the red traffic signal is the second largest cause of traffic accidents, Contributing 18.4% of the total causes of traffic accidents So try driving carefully and avoiding crazy speed. Nothing is worth this speed

3 - Do not overtake properly: The wrong excess of vehicles causes 16.5% of traffic accidents when you try to pass a car on the road, be very careful and use the right or left turn signal. "driving, art, taste, and ethics" remember that

4 - Recklessness while driving vehicles: Some drivers think they own the road and do not care about other vehicles and cars surrounding them, and do not care about their safety or the safety of others So you have to pay attention to the road and remember that the street is not yours, but it belongs to all, therefore, Do not get dazzled in your fast car and forget yourself on the way

5 - Lack of concentration during driving: this is caused by the driver's concern to talk on the phone, or talk to his companions Or not focus his eyes on the road while driving, as well as his preoccupation with rolling tapes, all of these causes distracted driver's mind and cause traffic accidents.

6 - Non-compliance with general safety conditions such as not using seat belts while driving the safety belt is very important and may save you from death and you do not know

7- Driving vehicles by unqualified persons: the driving of vehicles by young minors and adolescents is one of the causes of traffic accidents. They do not care or appreciate the magnitude of the risks they will encounter while driving vehicles without training or awareness,

8 - Periodic repairing of the vehicle: Periodic maintenance of tires and brakes is necessary to avoid traffic accidents.

9 - Driving the visually impaired and the elderly of vehicles

10 - Driving when feeling tired and sleepy, so watch out.

11 - The presence of animals on the roads, therefore, open your eyes

  and The most common traffic accident injuries is Spinal Cord Injury, Brain concussion and head injuries, Amputation of limbs, Burns, Bruises of the rib cage, heart and lungs, Fractures, Psychological and social effects and others and most people with traffic accidents are in a state of fear, anxiety, and forgetfulness, which in turn lead to depression.

Ronaldo will pay 14 million euros to avoid prison

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the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" said that The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is still busy with his legal crisis with the Spanish prosecutor, who threatens to enter the prison because he is evading payment of his money for taxes.

In his new attempt to reach a final solution to the closure of the case, Ronaldo offered the tax authority reconciliation to pay 14 million euros and admit he was guilty of non-payment of taxes between 2011 and 2014,

According to the Mundo, it is a formal proposal to the tax authorities to close the case and avoid a possible judgement.

While Ronaldo has so far rejected the charges, he will be willing to take criminal responsibility provided that this includes tax evasion and the appropriate fine.

The Madrid Public Prosecutor's Office, which filed the case by filing a complaint on June 13, suspects that Ronaldo used companies abroad - in the British Virgin Islands and Ireland - where the tax rate is low, to avoid paying taxes in Spain for his revenue from "image rights."

Prosecutors accuse the world's top five-time player of late in 2014 of 11.5 million euros for Spain's 2011-2014 earnings, while the actual figure was 43 million, plus 28.4 million may be tax-free For the period 2015-2020.

Ronaldo's lawyers claim that the subject is simply a difference in the interpretation and determination of the taxable share in Spain.

If convicted, Ronaldo faces a "fine of at least 28 million euros" and a prison sentence of three and a half years, according to the Spanish Ministry of Finance.

Former Real Madrid star: Mo Salah wants to become the best in the world

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Steve McManaman, the former Real Madrid and Liverpool star, spoke about the final of the European Champions League, which brings together the two teams on Saturday in the Ukrainian "Kiev".

Steve McManaman said in remarks to the Spanish media, "Real Madrid and Liverpool bear a special flavour for me, I have already played in both clubs, "I would be happy if one of them wins the Champions League," he said. "In my view, Real and Liverpool are the best clubs in the history of the competition."

 "I do not think Real are the favourites to win the Champions League. The chances of the two teams are equal, Liverpool has a better speed than Real Madrid."

And the bilateral confrontation between Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo on the sidelines of Liverpool and Real Madrid he said. "I know Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, but Mohamed Salah wants to be the best, too,"

and Liverpool reached to the Champions League final After winning the total of the two-legged matches on Italian Roma with a score of 7-6 To hit meeting with Real Madrid, who qualified at the expense of Bayern Munich. 

It is noteworthy that Mohammed Salah managed to score 44 goals with Liverpool in all competitions of this season, including 32 goals in  "Premier League".

How to be beautiful and attractive without makeup

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If you are a new bride and you like to look beautiful all the time and afraid of the frequent use of make-up industrial cosmetics For the presence of harmful chemicals that harm the skin As there is no rule that the girl if she wants to become beautiful, must use cosmetics and makeup , you should follow the tips that we will remind you through this article until you get a fresh skin, beautiful and healthy all the time and without makeup or any other cosmetics 

1 - Drink enough water: You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day as the water has an excellent effect on the skin. It prevents dryness, makes it flexible and gives it a glossy and shiny appearance as well as it prevents and delays the appearance of wrinkles Because it moisturizes the body and expels toxins as we know that water is the secret of life Make daily drinking water a routine work and it will become part of your daily routine.

2 - Clean the skin and body carefully: If you want your skin to look shiny and durable, you should always take a shower twice a day and use some natural moisturizers as well. Continuous cleaning protects your skin from deposits that clog the pores Swimming is also important as it refreshes the skin and increases the strength of the muscles so your body looks more exciting and attractive
 and It makes you feel very energetic.

3 - Hair Care: The hair is the title of the beauty of women and therefore you should use the shampoo and conditioner that suitable for your hair to maintain the softness and gloss and protect your hair from falling and shelling to protects your scalp also from dry But be careful of excessive use of shampoos and conditioner because they contain chemicals that may affect your hair negatively

4 - Stop touching your face: Avoid touching your face especially if you are in the air So as not to move the bacteria and microbes stuck with your hands to your face and increase the risk of the acne and leave ugly marks on your face weaken your beauty and attractiveness, and you should also avoid rubbing your eyes so as not to cause the presence of dark circles and signs below your eyes that also directly affect your beauty appearance.

5 - Take care of the details: The beautiful eyes are one of the most important aspects of beauty for women. The shape of the eyebrows determines the shape of the face. Select your eyebrows in a way that is appropriate to the nature and shape of your face, and you should remove the excess hair from your body and face so that you look more beautiful and attractive.

6 - beautiful smile : try to maintain the appearance of your lips and teeth because your lips and teeth are the ones that give your smile beauty and attractiveness, use natural materials to keep your softness, moisture and color of your lips and wash your teeth with the appropriate paste as well as the pink lips to make your smile bright and shiny.

20 Amazing Facts About The Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind !!!

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"The more you know, the more you know that you know little"This is one of the first results reached by the students of human medicine during their studies, although the research in the human body and living organisms began hundreds of years ago but the discoveries did not stop from then until now, These 13 facts about the human body will certainly remind you of how complex and fascinating life truly is and will hopefully help you to realize how incredible you are as a human being. :

1) The average length of blood vessels in the human body combined up to 100,000 km and is equivalent to the circumference of the earth twice and half

2) The human heart pumps blood with a very high-pressure ability that can send blood to a height of 9 meters. This explains the feeling of heartbeat

3) The woman's heart beats faster than the heart of the man because the size of the heart of the woman is smaller than the size of the heart of the man and yet it pumps the same amount of blood to the body at the same time

4) The sensitivity of the eye to light is so high that if the earth was flat, a man could see the light of a candle at night from a distance of 48 km

5) The nerve impulses move from and to the brain at speeds of up to 250 mph/hr faster than a Formula 1 car

6) The left lung is smaller than the right lung, due to give some space to the heart where the heart of most humans tends to the left

7) When a person sneezes the speed of saliva particles can reach 160 km / h

8) If the human brain were a computer it could to perform 38,000 trillion calculations per second

9) Gastrointestinal acids in the stomach are so powerful that they can dissolve zinc metal. Luckily, the cells lining the stomach are replenished very quickly so that the digestive acids do not get enough time to liquefy them.

10) The focusing muscles in the eye move about 100,000 times a day

11) The human body produces 25 million new cells every second

12) every kidney has about 1 million filters purifies about 1.3 litres of blood every minute and get rid of about 1.4 litres of urine a day

13) 36. 50% of adults are said to have eyelash mites. These are tiny parasitic mites that slightly resemble a worm. They are unlikely to cause in poor health-treat but can contribute to provocation, infection or inflammation. If you wear makeup and don't tidy it off at night, you probably have eyelash mites

14) 90% of illness is caused by stress so Reduce your stress levels and avoid disease.

15) The colder the room you sleep in, the more likely you are to have a bad dream

16) human don't have the sense of smell when he sleeping

17) 50% of human DNA is the same as in a banana

18)  to rebuild one human eye, it would take $86 million of equipment which would fill a house  (According to a company in Switzerland)

19) when you have higher IQ (intelligence quotient) you will dream more.

20) The sperm and egg can create 300,000,000,000,000 billion people all of them are unique.

sex robots could 'change humanity "forever"!

sex robots could 'change humanity "forever"!

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A computer scientist claims in a new documentary that sexual robots can change humanity forever by making sex affordable.

 Noel Sharkey warns In the documentary entitled sex robot and us of the damage these robots can make to society. As he says in the film, robots can make sex "very easy," in addition to "completely changing humanity."

He works for Responsible Robotics and warned of the dangers of sexual robots in the past. He also spoke of the potential harm if "lovers" of having sex with children had access to child-like robots and tried to rape them despite their "rejection".

Dr. Sergey Santos and his wife Maritsa  in the city of Barcelona work together to develop sexual robots resembling women's form tremendously.

These robots are equipped with "brains" that make them more than sex toys; they are able to interact with men. With attractive faces, a hair that looks real and female bodies.

Dr. Sergi himself began to have sex with his robots "to satisfy his great sexual needs", with the consent of his wife.

Within five months, the husband and his wife managed to make 15 robots and are thinking of expanding now and heading towards the manufacturing stage.

David Milles, 58, lives in West Virginia in America and lives on the proceeds of his 2006 book. He was fired twice and he is of a father of a 21-year-old daughter.

In 2014, David bought a doll from RealDoll for about $ 7,000 and was named TAVI. But today he says: "If I could take a button now to be on the bed with a woman or with a robot, I would definitely choose the woman. every-time".

What does Tavi offer to him? "If the women in their marriages or relationships are cooperative, and actually try to be, the men will be 99 percent happy, but when the distance between the two is gone, when they do not try again and do not try new ways, it is bored."

He says that Tavi feels that he is "controller" and that he can do whatever he wants.

The sex robots industry has been heavily criticized for promoting women's femininity as mere body and pornography, and for promoting unrealistic physical fantasies.

In the latest documentary, the world expressed new fears about the consequences that technology would bring to society. But regardless of the possible harmful side effects, the sex robots become a profitable industry.

A report released at the end of last year concluded that more than a quarter of people would be happy to have a relationship with a robot. A study by Havas, a Paris-based media firm, claimed that 27 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 would enjoy the relationship.

The analysis noted that men were 3 times more likely to engage in robotic relationships than women. In addition, a different study conducted in 2017 by the Canadian University of Manitoba highlighted a rise in the number of people who prefer to have sex with robots instead of humans.

Five companies around the world manufacture sexual robots, ranging from about $ 5,400 to $ 15,000.

What do you know about the Nobel Prize?

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Nobel prize

The Nobel Prize is one of the world's most famous awards.This name has been referred to as Alfred Nobel, He is a Swedish national and considered the spiritual father of this award. He was one of the people who distinguished himself in many fields, such as engineering and chemistry. He was the inventor of dynamite, The Nobel Prize was approved by the Nobel in his will before his death. The will was documented on November 27, 1895, and is presented to people who are created in a particular field worldwide.

What is the Nobel Prize?
  • diplomas
  • certification
  • gold medal
  • The amount of money is about one million dollars, and that was in 1901, and if the award to more than one person in the same area, the money is divided between them, knowing that does not require equal share when dividing the money.

How to run to win the Nobel Prize

It should be noted that the nomination for this award is for people who are still alive, and the proposals for nomination by:
  • Any member of the Government.
  • University professors in the field of law, history, philosophy and other fields.
  • Heads of institutes specialized in research in the field of peace or similar institutions.
The youngest and oldest Nobel laureate

  • Malala Yousafzai: She is a Pakistani national and has reached the age of seventeen when she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.
  • Raymond Jr.: He was eighty-eight when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2002.

12 facts about Prince Harry's fiancee...

12 facts about Prince Harry's fiancee...

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Like a lot of actresses and stars, Meghan chose a different name to act as her stage name instead of her real one. Meghan is actually her middle name, with her full name being Rachel Meghan Markle.
and she has given up acting for Prince Harry's marriage to Hollywood star 
Grace Kelly, who has stopped her Oscar-winning career with the Prince of Monaco.

1- Meghan Markle, an American actress born on August 4, 1981, 36, grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

2- She was born from a white father and a black mother her father was a cinematographer in the 1980s and reported that she suffered because of that when looking for good roles,
. "She is not white enough to get white roles and not black enough to get black roles," she said. She is proud of her African-American mother's race.

3- Graduated in 2003 at Northwestern University Communication College, and was launched before graduation in acting.

4- Her first appearance on television was in an American series in 2002, one of her most famous works "CSI and the Castle", before the Hollywood debut Before starting in the major Hollywood business.

5- Megan tried to enter the world of politics before the artwork, before being famous in the series «Suits» She worked as a trainee at her country's embassy in Argentina.

6- She wrote a letter to the first American lady at the time, Hillary Clinton asking her to intervene against a television ad because it is offensive to women.

7- Meghan is not British; she’s of mixed race She was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California, but Meghan is actually is biracial, with African American (owing to her mom), Dutch, and Irish blood. Her father.

8- Prince Harry is not her first husband. In September 2011, she married producer Trevor Engelson, but they divorced after two years, according to the BBC Despite all the divorce dramas that have dogged the Royal Family over the years, from Wallis Simpson to Camilla Parker Bowles, it appears that the Queen gave Markle her blessing to marry her grandson.

9- Because it is not related to the blood of the royal family, Megan will not get the title of princess, but the title of Her Royal Highness.

10- Became an Ambassador to Vision World Canada, which organizes education, food and health campaigns for children around the world. Megan also follows about two million on Instagram and 350,000 onTwitter.

11- She once ran her own lifestyle blog, The Tig Like Gwyneth Paltrow and countless other celebrities, Markle once ran her own highly-successful lifestyle website where she shared savvy tips on everything from travel to recipes to beauty secrets. Launched back in 2014, The Tig found success with the under-40 crowd and was praised by publications like InStyle.

12- Meghan Markle was the number one most searched actress on Google last year (2016). People would Google something like “Meghan Markle?” and get everything they needed to know about the young, soon-to-be Mrs. Prince Harry.

13- charitable activities area of interest was the reason for her meeting with Prince Harry, as toured together in Africa last year, and was the first meeting during the course Invictus sports games organized by Prince Harry, former soldiers who have been hampered by injury in the war.

Where to find red mercury?

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There is a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity about red mercury. There are those who deny its existence and consider it a baseless myth. Some confirm its existence and have evidence of it. What is red mercury? What are the places where there are?

What is red mercury?
  • Red mercury is a code (obscure name) of one of the nuclear military programs of a country, or another of one of the uncommon similar types of plutonium or uranium, which is used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

  • Red mercury is a pseudo-substance used in fraudulent operations on terrorist cells, such as al-Qaeda,and ISIS And some third world countries that want to acquire nuclear weapons,They are sold on the basis that they facilitate the manufacture of nuclear weapons and are sold at fictional prices, but they are originally a cheap substance consisting of a mixture of mercury oxide, dual iodide mercury, or a mixture of ordinary mercury and red colors.

  • Red mercury is a real substance used in the preparation of a nuclear bomb. This prediction is based on a report of Russian Foreign Minister Eugenie talking about red mercury. The report on the Soviet Union's production of this substance was published in 1968. Chemists call this substance " H925 B206), and prepared by scientists of the rare substances exist and the price per kilogram of one 150 thousand to 300 thousand dollars.

  • There is a saying that the substance used in the technique "stealth", where military aircraft coating to prevent it from monitoring radar and monitoring devices.

Where to find the red mercury?
  • scientifically Mercury is extracted from gold, by exposing raw gold to high radiation.
  • As it is extracted from the underground or from the craters of the volcanoes after the explosion.
  • But the problem is that it is extracted in very small quantities does not exceed the Milligrams.

Types of red mercury?
  • Natural red mercury: organic matter and vital tissue.
  • Synthetic or chemical mercury, which is manufactured from raw gold.
Despite all this, this subject is still obscure, and everything is written about just speculation and hypotheses.

How to make her love me: How to make a girl fall in love with you

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"How to make a girl fall in love with me" Or "How do I make her love me?" It's a question that most men are looking for... But you have to know, that you will not kidnap woman heart and mind so easily  So you have to do more to make any girl fall in love with you, so know that woman is difficult to reach, and you have to insist on being the right man 

Since your question is: How do I make her love me? Here are the tips that help you even slightly to understand the girl so you can push her to fall in love with you 

1 - Know my dear that the girl likes to see herself in the eyes of others, She doesn't like to treat her as a young person, nor an old one so tries to feel her with the childhood of her soul, not her mind.

2 - During your conversation with her do not get busy with other things and do not try to look at the watch a lot, this will make her feel that you need to leave or you are tired of talking with her.

3 - sweet talk first attracts the girl to you so this will make her fall in love very quickly.

4 - Be a man in the sense of the word .. You know very well that masculinity is one of the important things that girl looking for in any man 

5 -  Be a father, the girl is always looking for someone that contains her like a father, and at the same time kind to her.

6 - Unfortunately you can win the heart of many girls through money and gifts, but I know that this method is wrong, as it will be the cause of problems that will occur in the future if the relationship develops to marriage.

7 - take care of your look to get the love of the girl who you want to complete your life with her, where the look is the first thing to attract women to men, do not ignoring your appearance and be clean and attractive at all times.

8 - Do not be shy in your feelings towards her, the girl loves the man who is daring , which expresses everything that goes on in his heart and mind, and tell her words and whispering of his feelings about her.

9 - Do not get angry at your girl, and know that this anger will never forget over time, and that anger may generate a sense of fear and all she wants is to feel safe near you.

10. Always take care of the surprises, do not forget the special occasions, it is romantic to give your partner this feeling that she is very special.

11. Take care of every word the girl says, and try not to forget anything she said to you  someday, and tried to remember her words from time to time.

12 - cared about your girl a lot, and love her interests and hobbies, and helped her to practice that hobbies and complete the work that started.

13 - Care to know the dream of your girl , and help her to achieve this dream.
5 Mistakes stop Muscle Building

5 Mistakes stop Muscle Building

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Bodybuilding is one of the most important sports of a male nature because it is concentrated on strength and weight lifting. In general, when it comes to bodybuilders, men compete with each other and rush to load heavy weights to express their strength . However, this can often lead to problems manifested by muscular rupture and severe pain in the back and joints. Bodybuilding sport is very useful, but it hides many risks, especially if practiced in the wrong way, and did not follow the guidance of the coach. Follow this article and discover common mistakes in bodybuilding, and try to avoid:

1 - Exercise daily: It is true that some experts advise to exercise daily, but the exercise bodybuilding should not be done daily because this muscle stress is not able to endurance and this may lead to muscle rupture. It has been shown that the muscles need to rest to be able to carry heavy weights and to give the required result. Also, it has been shown that muscle relaxation is one of the main pillars of the building, the process of muscle building reaches its peak in the rest days 

2 - Do not warm up : Some men avoid from warm-up exercises before embarking on carrying heavy weights and bodybuilding sport, which is a common mistake and harmful. The lack of warm-up exercises makes the body muscle not ready to carry heavy weights and this may lose your balance during the exercise. It has been proven that warm-up exercises are the main foundation for muscle preparation and preparation for the next muscle and physical effort. Therefore, the commitment to its performance helps to stimulate the movement of blood circulation in the body and increases the flexibility and fitness and muscle capacity to endurance, which in turn reduces the chances of muscle injuries as muscle strength increases.

3 - Heavy lifting: It is true that the bodybuilding sport is dedicated to men to highlight their strength and the structure of their masculine bodies, but at the same time the man should avoid carrying weights that exceed the endurance to prevent muscle spasms or pain in the joints. In this context, experts emphasize your commitment to carrying weights that suit your ability to endure especially if you are a beginner in bodybuilding. Muscle building is not based on sudden and rapid increase in weights, but is based on gradual increase

4 - Loss of balance in the performance of the exercises: One of the common mistakes that men fall victim to in the exercise bodybuilding, and noted that a large group of men swing and sway while carrying weights, which loses the exercise is relevance and prevent them from getting the result. Unbalance can also damage the spine.

5 - Stability on a single training system: One of the mistakes that men make during the exercise of bodybuilding is their persistence on one training system throughout the exercise period, and for a long period of time. It turns out that this creates a routine and causes muscle dysfunction, so you have to diversify in your training system every two months.

What is the ideal number of intercourse between Couples ?

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Sex and health go hand in hand. Research has joined it to a slimmer waistline, a stronger heart and a degrade risk for prostate and breast cancers. It's along with a boon for mental health, back sex is linked in the midst of lower rates of depression and greater than before atmosphere.

But Americans today are having less of it than Americans a decade ago, according to a just-released psychiatry appearing in Archives of Sexual Behavior.

From 2010 to 2014, the average American adult had sex nine fewer period per year than Americans did from 2000 to 2004, the researchers found. That slip in frequency was even steeper for married couples who rouse together; they had sex 16 fewer time a year.

The title of the article may be strange, but it is a real question! The perceptions of some couples with the numbers that must be achieved in the practice of sexual intercourse make it imperative for us to ask this question. If we ask about ecstasy in the relationship and access to desired sexual happiness, surely the answer will be the degree of understanding between spouses and satisfy each other's desire. So the couple should know that there are also several factors on which sexual desire depends, including:

  • Age group The ability to practice sexual intercourse may vary ideally for a couple in the early twenties for a middle-aged couple, as confirmed by many scientific research.

  •  Age of marriage It is normal to be a great sexual desire for a couple at the beginning of their marital life is different when compared to couples in the middle of their marriage. so Sexual desire is variable.

  •  Many people may agree that there are different responses to the daily stress and life problems that we experience, and so it is for the practice of sexual relationship, the mood of both couples is a strong influence on the presence of sexual desire or not.

  •  Health status is also one of the most important reasons that affect the couple's Intercourse, such as exhaustion and fatigue for various reasons such as travel, pregnancy, birth or even hormonal and physical changes in times of the menstrual cycle.

These various factors that affect the performance of the marital relationship reach us that there is no specific answer to the ideal numbers of the number of sexual practices both day and week. If you want to reach sexual happiness with your husband you have to talk together and talk about if there is something undesirable in the relationship so you ignore that.

“Forget about ‘normal.’ ‘Normal’ is a setting on the washing machine, nothing more. What’s most important is that you learn to have empathy for your partner and accept whatever their needs might be, even if they are different than your own,” she explained. Below,  sex therapists share the advice they give couples concerned about their sex lives (or lack thereof). Stop worrying about how often other couples are doing it.

13 smart trick helps you save a lot of money daily

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Life is short to save money, live life and do not think much about money. They are great tips to enjoy life and stop worrying, but it's not practical when it comes to wanting to achieve a big goal that is closely linked to money, like opening a new business, buying a property, a car, or even travelling .

If you are serious about saving some money to invest in a new plan, here are 13 smart ways that will help you save a lot of money on a daily basis without feeling!

1 - Prepare breakfast or food at home, and take it with you instead of buying food from the outside. This will save a lot of money and will also keep you healthy.

2 - Write down what you want to buy in a paper Even if you go shopping, be specific in your choices and do not leave yourself to random purchasing decisions.

3 - Wash your car yourself and just clean it in the washing stations once a month.

4 - If possible, use public transport or metro on some days instead of driving the car every day.

5 - Avoid carrying your credit card with you at all times. Leave it at home and use it only when necessary.

6 - On Christmas, you can resort to symbolic or moral gifts or make them yourself at home instead of buying expensive pieces.

7 - Reduce rate of your going to restaurants and cinemas a month, and arranged for the hanging out that don't require extra money

8 - Drink plenty of water! Water is necessary to give you a sense of fullness so you will not be able to spend your money on soft drinks, soda, energy drinks, etc., and it will avoid many diseases in the future.

9 - Stop smoking!

10 - Avoid going shopping at times of stress or sadness! Or in other words, try to avoid emotional buying.

11 - Avoid going too often to malls.

12 - Look for someone safe and save your money with him.

13 - Instead of buying expensive skin care products, use natural alternatives such as oils and natural materials.

12 facts you didn't know about Rihanna

12 facts you didn't know about Rihanna

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Many art lovers want to know more about Rihanna, so articleeveryday.com Submit to you facts
about Rihanna's life, which she did not know she was in her 16th year, will open her doors of luck and fame, after years of turbulent life under the father of an alcoholic, and mother that work Accounting.

When one of her friends introduced her to producer Evan Rodgers, who arranged for her to meet with the CEO of Def Jam, who believed in her talent, and knew that her path was full of success, he signed a contract with his company.

In this context we will present some interesting facts about the singer, actress and fashion designer Rihanna, according to the site "India today":

1-Her real name is "Robin Rayana Vinti" and was born in San Michael on the island of Barbados on 20 February.

2 - Once revealed during an episode of the program "Oprah" that she often sends her mother gifts, but they return them again because they thought it was too expensive, and among the gifts was a five-bedroom house.

3. Rihanna rejected several offers to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine.

4 - used to drink wine and vodka before climbing on stage.

5 - She has 19 tattoos so far and wants more, and Rihanna once commented, "like hanging out in tattoo shops ."

6. She was granted an honorary title as Ambassador of Culture and Youth in Barbados. In 2008, Barbados dedicated a public holiday to honor her, and Rihanna thanked her fans with a free concert.

7. Umbrella song achieved a great success, but when the singer performed her concerts in the UK she prevented her fans from bringing umbrellas to the place because she was afraid her fans would get hurt while trying to imitate her dance with the Umbrella on stage.

8. Rihanna does not like Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, or Indian food, nor does she like vegetables and instead eat fruits.

9. Rihanna works in fashion. She has been a spokesmodel for high-end designer brand Gucci. In February 2013, Rihanna presented her first women's spring fashion collection at London Fashion Week for British street fashion brand River Island, collaborating with her personal stylist Adam Selman.

10. Rihanna organised a bachelorette party for her close friend Katy Perry in 2010. Rihanna treated Perry and friends to a production of Ka by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. They later went to Las Vegas's Hard Rock Hotel Beach Club pool where the party continued until the wee hours of the morning.

11. Her big break came in 2003 when she introduced to music producer Evan Rogers through mutual friends, who was vacationing in Barbados with his wife at the time. Rihanna went to audition for him with two of her classmates. He tells Entertainment Weekly, "The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn't exist." She ended up leaving Barbados and moving to Connecticut with Rogers and his wife to try and jumpstart her career.

12. She was planned to perform at the 51st Grammy Awards but it was cancelled because of her wild relationship with Chris Brown resulted in her attacking her in February 2009.. She didn't speak about the occurrence until nine months later when she broke her silence on ABC to Diane Sawyer. "This happened to me…It can happen to anyone," the singer had said.

How to change your lifestyle

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Renewing lifestyle

Lifestyle can be renewed by:

Changing the environment: Changing something, even a little bit of the surrounding environment or anything in daily life, such as changing the background of the computer screen, or mobile case or changing the gym or workout plan this little change helps stimulate the brain to redirect positive emotions and dissipate negative energy.

Changing the workplace: When you change places and exposure to new sounds, new smells,  different views, and new people, the most important things that break the routine, the human nature is fall in the cycle of routine quickly and the negative energies begin to affect the productivity and feelings.

Work on changing ideas: When you feel unhappy or restricted, you can read different books, learn new things, learn ways to build healthy relationships, or consult trainers in starting a business, or start a new sport you never try before for example.

Get rid of problems

Problems and their negative effects on your life and personality can be eliminated by :
Stay away from the problem: By going away from anywhere or someone can be a reason to remember the problem, it may seem like an escape but the intention is to open up new horizons to dispel negative energy and bring positive energy through a link to a place or a different situation than before.

Spirituality: Some find peace and tranquillity when going to places of worship, others prefer to go between trees and nature to meditate and think deeply and get rid of anger, and to get inspiration and a sense of satisfaction.

Take advantage of bad experience: Bad experience helps to have experiences where you can advise and help others to avoid the same mistakes and problem which you suffered in the past.

Plan to start a new life

The lifestyle can be changed in 99 days by: 

(1-33): The first task is to tell friends, parents and co-workers by starting a special task, the need for support, encouragement and observation through them, helping to follow new ways and adjusting the path to returning to old habits. Others are sometimes harder than self-defeating.

(33-66): The second task is self-analysis, whether the goal is to change bad habit or acquire a new habit, then the need to dive deeply into our thoughts and unconsciousness and guide a set of questions, what is the meaning of life? Why do what we do? What do we want for ourselves? What do we get from achieving the goal? Deep dive in analysis generates internal energy driving to achieve any goal, so the 99-day journey to change becomes easier.

 (66-99): the stage of light, there are still 33 days to finish the mission, the goal is not yet clear but it shines from afar, this stage carries many challenges may become tired, or forget the purpose of achieving the goal, and must find a way And a means of sticking to it in order to provide the necessary support and renew the energy to continue and achieve the last goal.

How to raise my children

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Gentle treatment

The child is treated gently, especially when his parents help him with household chores and the use of pleasant and polite phrases. For example, if the father asks his child to hang his coat, he can say "Please hang your coat on the shelf" and then praise him and praise him when he does. You "and if he does not prefer to help him gently, keep away from yelling at him.

Help others in front of children

Do not hesitate to help others in front of the child, such as help the person to help a person who fell on the ground, and if the child does not see the event should talk to him about the situation at home so that he has the incentive to help others and feel the need to help people in need of assistance, The concept in the mind of the child can be played with a game called "What if?", As if the father threw a dish of food on the ground, and then let his child think about the options that show his upbringing and kindness with others.

Focus on effort

Children's efforts to achieve something must be highlighted because the goal of quality education is not the ultimate test, but the ability to encourage children, create their motivation, and commit to it through several factors for the development and development of the mind.

Raising children to ethics

Children must be raised on ethics, by doing the following:

  • The parent may wish to have a fair, compassionate, responsible and generous child. However, it is difficult for the child to accept all these ideas at the same time. This is why it is recommended to arrange ethics and teach them one by one so as not to feel tired.

  • Instruct the child to use his feelings and sense of responsibility to determine whether his actions are right or wrong, which will help him determine the correct behavior, according to the magazine (Kaboose) family.

  • Explaining the natural consequences of bad or inappropriate behavior by the child. The doctor, William Sears, associate professor of pediatrics at the University of California, notes that lying constantly leads to friends moving away from him. People are close to him, so talk to him about the danger before it happens.

How to make myself loved by others

How to make myself loved by others

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  Being loved by others can be very easy; you just have to know how to make yourself loved by others, therefore, You need motivation, and you need to love yourself first. 


The smile is one of the best ways to make anyone loved by people, so it is advisable to smile constantly and avoid resentment and misery because they are sparing people and Nobody wants to be around someone who's mean all day, so keen to be humorous, and draw a smile on the faces of others and Stay positive and release good vibes

Raise interest

Be sure to be interesting by discussing important topics that promote the desire of other people to stay close and spend longer with him, and showing the gentle side of the personality helps to attract others

Interest in body language

The interest in the language of the seriousness of the person by expressing meanings, and to take care of people when talking to them, and salute the crowds when the knees, taking into account the helmet and visual communication, plus to the front or work in a straight but relaxed Avoid tension

Love yourself

Be careful about self-confidence and appreciation, and avoid pretending to be another personality, because relationships lasting based on the real picture of the person, as should be shown the things that the person likes in his personality, and focus on the positive aspects and Write down all the good qualities about yourself and Accept yourself and accept your flaws There is no perfect person


It is advisable to be humorous, avoid being arrogant and arrogant to others, and be careful to listen to them and learn new things from them, in order to strengthen ties and create mutual respect, and the warmth of relationships must be maintained; by helping friends and family in any way, physically, emotionally or morally , And be careful to forget the bad memories that affect the communication with others and the creation of internal psychological peace

Mastering the art of listening

Listening and listening to others helps them to gain their love and empathy. Care must be taken to develop listening and listening skills in order to understand and share, not just to respond.

Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Like what they say "It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear"

Don’t say: “That reminds me of the time… ” because what they’ll hear is: “I can top that.”
Don’t say: “Haven’t we talked about this before?” because what they’ll hear is: “Why are you still hung up about this?”
Don’t say: “No, actually…” because what they’ll hear is: “I am right; you’re wrong.”
Don’t say: “I understand” because what they’ll hear is: “I get it. You don’t need to keep talking.”
And don’t say: “I know how you feel.” Instead, ask them how they feel.

Other ways 

There are many ways to make the self-loved, including: 

  • Honesty is a valuable feature of an individual that increases the love of others.

  • Allow others to express their own opinions and ideas, even if they think they are wrong.

Causes of bad breath .. 10 factors will not notify you

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mouth smell

The bad breath is a bad problem that some people may suffer at some point, and many of them are ignorant of their causes and how to get rid of them, especially as they are embarrassing, and there are many reasons that lead to the existence of smell of the mouth is the most important in this article.

Bad breath occurs as a result of cell death in the mouth and start to decompose as part of the natural process of cell renewal or production of some bacteria in the mouth, and this reflects the extent of cleaning your teeth and the state of mouth health, in this context revealed the newspaper "Daily Mail," the British 10 reasons for the smell Bad mouth, include:

1 - Periodontal disease
Gum disease is the most common cause of chronic bad breath, it leads to inflammation of the gums, making it bulge and separate from the teeth, and thus create gaps and pockets that are a trap of bacteria and dead cells and increase the rate of death of cells.

2 - not cleaning the tongue daily
The most common cause of bad breath aside for periodontal disease is the overgrowth of odor-causing bacteria on the tongue. Cleaning the tongue gently with a toothbrush can help to reduce the odor.

3 - Frequent speech
Anything that can dry the mouth increases the risk of bad breath, and saliva helps to wash off odor-causing bacteria or cells.

The researchers explained that talking too much is another factor because it exposes the mouth to the air and thus causes the drying of saliva, so those who work in vocal professions, such as teachers, lawyers and call center workers, are particularly exposed to bad breath. The solution is very simple and is drinking water all day to keep the mouth moist.

4 - Stress
Stress affects the flow of saliva, which dries the mouth. New research from the Sofia Medical University of Bulgaria found that stress hormones caused the appearance of bacteria involved in the occurrence of bad breath in the mouth at a faster rate.

5 - Diabetes and liver diseases
Bad breath may be caused by chemicals in the blood. Dr Salihah Saad, a microbiologist at the University of West England, said that diabetes causes a change in the smell of the mouth due to the ketones that accumulate in the blood. Liver disease also causes mild odors and kidney problems. Suspicious like ammonia.

6 - tonsillitis
A Brazilian study in 2008 found that 75% of people with high levels of sulfur compounds in the self also suffer from tonsillitis.

7- Stomach bacteria
Helicobacter pylori is the bacteria in the stomach and 40% of the people in the world are infected, and it is associated with the development of gastric ulcers, but it has also been linked to bad breath. These bacteria produce sulfur compounds and ammonia that change the smell of breath.

8 - Sinusitis
Bad breath may be caused by chronic sinusitis, which is filled with air behind the cheekbones and forehead.

9 - Skip meals
Eating helps reduce bad breath, so not eating regularly can lead to mouth odor.

10 - taking some medicines
Some medications are associated with bad breath such as antidepressants, antihistamines and blood pressure medications.