Ronaldo is trying to avoid a prison of 14 million euros

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the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" said that The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is still busy with his legal crisis with the Spanish prosecutor, who threatens to enter the prison because he is evading payment of his money for taxes.

In his new attempt to reach a final solution to the closure of the case, Ronaldo offered the tax authority reconciliation to pay 14 million euros and admit he was guilty of non-payment of taxes between 2011 and 2014,

According to the Mundo, it is a formal proposal to the tax authorities to close the case and avoid a possible judgement.

While Ronaldo has so far rejected the charges, he will be willing to take criminal responsibility provided that this includes tax evasion and the appropriate fine.

The Madrid Public Prosecutor's Office, which filed the case by filing a complaint on June 13, suspects that Ronaldo used companies abroad - in the British Virgin Islands and Ireland - where the tax rate is low, to avoid paying taxes in Spain for his revenue from "image rights."

Prosecutors accuse the world's top five-time player of late in 2014 of 11.5 million euros for Spain's 2011-2014 earnings, while the actual figure was 43 million, plus 28.4 million may be tax-free For the period 2015-2020.

Ronaldo's lawyers claim that the subject is simply a difference in the interpretation and determination of the taxable share in Spain.

If convicted, Ronaldo faces a "fine of at least 28 million euros" and a prison sentence of three and a half years, according to the Spanish Ministry of Finance.

Former Real Madrid star: Mohamed Salah wants to become the best in the world

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Steve McManaman, the former Real Madrid and Liverpool star, spoke about the final of the European Champions League, which brings together the two teams on Saturday in the Ukrainian "Kiev".

Steve McManaman said in remarks to the Spanish media, "Real Madrid and Liverpool bear a special flavour for me, I have already played in both clubs, "I would be happy if one of them wins the Champions League," he said. "In my view, Real and Liverpool are the best clubs in the history of the competition."

 "I do not think Real are the favourites to win the Champions League. The chances of the two teams are equal, Liverpool has a better speed than Real Madrid."

And the bilateral confrontation between Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo on the sidelines of Liverpool and Real Madrid he said. "I know Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world, but Mohamed Salah wants to be the best, too,"

and Liverpool reached to the Champions League final After winning the total of the two-legged matches on Italian Roma with a score of 7-6 To hit meeting with Real Madrid, who qualified at the expense of Bayern Munich. 

It is noteworthy that Mohammed Salah managed to score 44 goals with Liverpool in all competitions of this season, including 32 goals in  "Premier League".

How to be beautiful and attractive without makeup

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If you are a new bride and you like to look beautiful all the time and afraid of the frequent use of make-up industrial cosmetics For the presence of harmful chemicals that harm the skin , you should follow the tips that we will remind you through this article until you get a fresh skin, beautiful and healthy all the time and without makeup or any other cosmetics 

1 - Drink enough water: You should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day as the water has an excellent effect on the skin. It prevents dryness, makes it flexible and gives it a glossy and shiny appearance as well as it prevents and delays the appearance of wrinkles. Make daily drinking water a routine work and it will become part of your daily routine. 

2 - Clean the skin and body carefully: If you want your skin to look shiny and durable, you should always take a shower twice a day and use some natural moisturizers as well. Continuous cleaning protects your skin from deposits that clog the pores. 

3 - Hair Care: The hair is the title of the beauty of women and therefore you should use the shampoo and conditioner that suitable for your hair to maintain the softness and gloss and protect your hair from falling and shelling to protects your scalp also from dry.

4. Stop touching your face: Avoid touching your face especially if you are in the air So as not to move the bacteria and microbes stuck with your hands to your face and increase the risk of the acne and leave ugly marks on your face weaken your beauty and attractiveness, and you should also avoid rubbing your eyes so as not to cause the presence of dark circles and signs below your eyes that also directly affect your beauty appearance.

5. Take care of the details: The beautiful eyes are one of the most important aspects of beauty for women. The shape of the eyebrows determines the shape of the face. Select your eyebrows in a way that is appropriate to the nature and shape of your face, and you should remove the excess hair from your body and face so that you look more beautiful and attractive.

6 - beautiful smile : try to maintain the appearance of your lips and teeth because your lips and teeth are the ones that give your smile beauty and attractiveness, use natural materials to keep your softness, moisture and color of your lips and wash your teeth with the appropriate paste as well as the pink lips to make your smile bright and shiny.

12 Amazing Facts About The Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind.

12 Amazing Facts About The Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind.

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Surprise Surprise

"The more you know, the more you know that you know little"This is one of the first results reached by the students of human medicine during their studies, although the research in the human body and living organisms began hundreds of years ago but the discoveries did not stop from then until now, These are a set of facts about the human body that will surprise you :

1) The average length of blood vessels in the human body combined up to 100,000 km and is equivalent to the circumference of the earth twice and half

2) The human heart pumps blood with a very high-pressure ability that can send blood to a height of 9 meters. This explains the feeling of heartbeat

3) The woman's heart beats faster than the heart of the man because the size of the heart of the woman is smaller than the size of the heart of the man and yet it pumps the same amount of blood to the body at the same time

4) The sensitivity of the eye to light is so high that if the earth was flat, a man could see the light of a candle at night from a distance of 48 km

5) The nerve impulses move from and to the brain at speeds of up to 250 mph/hr faster than a Formula 1 car

6) The left lung is smaller than the right lung, due to give some space to the heart where the heart of most humans tends to the left

7) When a person sneezes the speed of saliva particles can reach 160 km / h

8) If the human brain were a computer it could to perform 38,000 trillion calculations per second

9) Gastrointestinal acids in the stomach are so powerful that they can dissolve zinc metal. Luckily, the cells lining the stomach are replenished very quickly so that the digestive acids do not get enough time to liquefy them.

10) The focusing muscles in the eye move about 100,000 times a day

11) The human body produces 25 million new cells every second

12) every kidney has about 1 million filters purifies about 1.3 litres of blood every minute and get rid of about 1.4 litres of urine a day

sex robots could 'change humanity "forever"!

sex robots could 'change humanity "forever"!

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A computer scientist claims in a new documentary that sexual robots can change humanity forever by making sex affordable.

 Noel Sharkey warns In the documentary entitled sex robot and us of the damage these robots can make to society. As he says in the film, robots can make sex "very easy," in addition to "completely changing humanity."

He works for Responsible Robotics and warned of the dangers of sexual robots in the past. He also spoke of the potential harm if "lovers" of having sex with children had access to child-like robots and tried to rape them despite their "rejection".

In the latest documentary, the world expressed new fears about the consequences that technology would bring to society. But regardless of the possible harmful side effects, the sex robots become a profitable industry.

A report released at the end of last year concluded that more than a quarter of people would be happy to have a relationship with a robot. A study by Havas, a Paris-based media firm, claimed that 27 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 would enjoy the relationship.

The analysis noted that men were 3 times more likely to engage in robotic relationships than women. In addition, a different study conducted in 2017 by the Canadian University of Manitoba highlighted a rise in the number of people who prefer to have sex with robots instead of humans.

Five companies around the world manufacture sexual robots, ranging from about $ 5,400 to $ 15,000.

What do you know about the Nobel Prize?

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Nobel prize

The Nobel Prize is one of the world's most famous awards.This name has been referred to as Alfred Nobel, He is a Swedish national and considered the spiritual father of this award. He was one of the people who distinguished himself in many fields, such as engineering and chemistry. He was the inventor of dynamite, The Nobel Prize was approved by the Nobel in his will before his death. The will was documented on November 27, 1895, and is presented to people who are created in a particular field worldwide.

What is the Nobel Prize?
  • diplomas
  • certification
  • gold medal
  • The amount of money is about one million dollars, and that was in 1901, and if the award to more than one person in the same area, the money is divided between them, knowing that does not require equal share when dividing the money.

How to run to win the Nobel Prize

It should be noted that the nomination for this award is for people who are still alive, and the proposals for nomination by:
  • Any member of the Government.
  • University professors in the field of law, history, philosophy and other fields.
  • Heads of institutes specialized in research in the field of peace or similar institutions.
The youngest and oldest Nobel laureate

  • Malala Yousafzai: She is a Pakistani national and has reached the age of seventeen when she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.
  • Raymond Jr.: He was eighty-eight when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2002.

10 facts about Prince Harry's fiancee...

10 facts about Prince Harry's fiancee...

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American actress Megan Markle has given up acting for Prince Harry's marriage to Hollywood star 
Grace Kelly, who has stopped her Oscar-winning career with the Prince of Monaco.

- Meghan Markle, an American actress born on August 4, 1981, 36, grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

- She was born from a white father and a black mother her father was a cinematographer in the 1980s and reported that she suffered because of that when looking for good roles,
. "She is not white enough to get white roles and not black enough to get black roles," she said. She is proud of her African-American mother's race.

- Graduated in 2003 at Northwestern University Communication College, and was launched before graduation in acting.

- Her first appearance on television was in an American series 2002, one of her most famous works "CSI and the Castle", before the Hollywood debut Before starting in the major Hollywood business.

- Megan tried to enter the world of politics before the artwork, before being famous in the series «Suits» She worked as a trainee at her country's embassy in Argentina.

She wrote a letter to the first American lady at the time, Hillary Clinton asking her to intervene against a television ad because it is offensive to women.

- charitable activities area of interest was the reason for her meeting with Prince Harry, as toured together in Africa last year, and was the first meeting during the course Invictus sports games organized by Prince Harry, former soldiers who have been hampered by injury in the war.

- Prince Harry is not her first husband. In September 2011, she married producer Trevor Engelson, but they divorced after two years, according to the BBC.

- Because it is not related to the blood of the royal family, Megan will not get the title of princess, but the title of Her Royal Highness.

- Became an Ambassador to Vision World Canada, which organizes education, food and health campaigns for children around the world. Megan also follows about two million on Instagram and 350,000 onTwitter.