Best 3 gifts in amazon you can give to your wife or girlfriend on her birthday in August !!!

Best 3 gifts in amazon you can give to your wife or girlfriend on her birthday in August !!!

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The best gift for women is beautiful words and make her feel she is beautiful !!!
   What if the beautiful words and the gift meet together in one thing ????
It’s a universally acknowledged truth that nothing quite takes the edge off growing yet another year older than receiving a stonkingly good birthday present. Even the birthday naysayers who like to ignore their own special day are secretly happy when presented with a thoughtful gift.

Which is why we have trawled the shops to bring you the best birthday presents in the land for the woman in your life, guaranteed to score you some serious brownie points. From fashion to foodstuffs, there’s something to suit even the fussiest of birthday girls. Now all you have to do is master the wrapping up.

1- a t-shirt that has good words like this below: Women's Only beauties are born in August T-shirt for women

Womens Only beauties are born in August T-shirt for women

2 - Classic 14K Yellow Gold Tube Hoop Earrings: Seamless, Hollow, and Lightweight

Designs by Nathan, Classic 14K Yellow Gold Tube Hoop Earrings: Seamless, Hollow, and Lightweight (Wide 3mm x 65mm (about 2 3/8"))

 3 -Pijushi Designer Floral Purses Women's Top Handle Handbag Leather Tote Bag Holiday Gift

Pijushi Designer Floral Purses Women's Top Handle Handbag Leather Tote Bag Holiday Gift 6013 (New Black Floral)

Chance the Rapper & Donald Glover Make the kids shocked !!! This is America !!!!

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Chance the Rapper surprise and threw hundreds of children into hysteria ... not with his performance, but by bringing surprise guest Donald Glover into the mix at a Chicago talent show in front the kids.

an event Monday night called OpenMike for Chi-Town high schoolers when he said his next guest needed no introduction ... and the "This Is America" beat dropped ... the kids totally flipped!

The kids were impressed by what they should do when they saw Childish Gambino hit the stage ...they rushed up to the front and sang along with every line of the song through the performance. Hard to tell if they nailed all of Donald's dance moves, though.

Kim Jong Un brings his own toilet to summit with Trump !!!

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly brought his own toilet to Singapore for his summit with President Trump.

 according to The Chosunilbo (one of South Korea's largest circulated newspapers_. Kim has brought many items 

The newspaper noted that North Korea dispatched an IL-76 transport plane that carried things such as food and a bullet-proof limousine, as well as a "portable toilet that will deny determined sewer divers insights into to the supreme leader's stools."

USA Today noted that the That this act is only an attempt to prevent intelligence agencies from obtaining information about the health status of Kim

 Kim is scheduled to meet Trump on Tuesday In the presence of translators only

The White House said that first meeting will be followed by an expanded meeting with their advisers as well as a working lunch.

Trump began to cool expectations for the meeting last month, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seemed to echo the sentiment on Monday.

"These negotiations will create a new face for future talks regarding Pyongyang’s nuclear program.," Pompeo told reporters

Is Jackson Odell dead ?!... Actor Known for ‘The Goldbergs"

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the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office said that Jackson Edel, 20, was found not responding at home in Tarzana, California, on Friday.

according to a source, he was found unresponsive in a sober liver home and there was no sign of foul play.

An autopsy was not carried out, the office said.

Odell Ari Caldwell played on the television series "The Goldbergs," according to, and played Ted Dorcas on the "Modern Family" episodes.

“He will always be a shining light and a brilliant, loving and talented soul,” Odell’s family said Sunday on Twitter. “He had so much more to share. Our family will always carry that truth forward. Our wish is that the rest of the world who knew and loved him does as well.”

The fact of the cancellation of the friendly match between Israel and Argentina and what Messi's opinion ??

The fact of the cancellation of the friendly match between Israel and Argentina and what Messi's opinion ??

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Argentina has canceled a friendly against Israel in preparation for the World Cup under political pressure over Israel's treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.

Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain told ESPN sports inTuesday that the match had been canceled
and he said "Lionel Messi is the one who pushed towards the cancellation of the friendly match
 and they finally took the right decision"
and he said that The final decision was made after we asked Messi how we can play with calm at a time when many Palestinians are suffering

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Argentine President Mauricio Macri in an attempt to complete the planned game in Jerusalem on Saturday, media reports said.

The news was welcomed in Gaza, where at least 120 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in recent protests.

In Ramallah in the West Bank, the Palestinian Football Association issued a statement thanking Argentine striker Lionel Messi and his teammates for canceling the match.

 the Palestinian Football Federation (FFF) president Jibril Rajoub told Reuters news agency "The values, ethics, and sports were victorious today and I raised the warning card against Israel for the cancellation of the match," 

The "Avaz" group of activists, which previously called for the cancellation of the match, praised the decision as a "courageous moral decision."

The match, the last match for Argentina before the World Cup, was set to take place on a playground west of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem's position is highly sensitive, as Israel considers it its "eternal capital," while Palestinians view East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

Senior officials in Israel expressed their anger over the Argentine decision.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said: It is regrettable that the Argentine football team has not resisted the pressure of those who hate hatred of Israel and their only goal is to violate our fundamental right to defend us and destroy Israel, "according to" AFP "

Avoid these 11 reasons !! and I promise you will remain safe without accidents all your life

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Road traffic accidents are one of the most serious problems facing us in our time and constitute a great concern for us and all members of society. because of the depletion of the most important component of life, namely human resources, as well as depletion of material resources and cause social and psychological problems of members of society Its effects have been lost for many years presents to you today the most important reasons leading to traffic accidents that may lead people to death and cause physical disabilities :

Causes of traffic accidents

1Increased speed: The speed of the vehicle increases its loss of control And hinder the ability to avoid accidents, and the increase in the speed of the vehicle is one of the main causes of traffic accidents, Contributing 43.6% of the total causes of traffic accidents.

2- Incorrectly bypass traffic signals: Override the red traffic signal is the second largest cause of traffic accidents, Contributing 18.4% of the total causes of traffic accidents So try driving carefully and avoiding crazy speed. Nothing is worth this speed

3 - Do not overtake properly: The wrong excess of vehicles causes 16.5% of traffic accidents when you try to pass a car on the road, be very careful and use the right or left turn signal. "driving, art, taste, and ethics" remember that

4 - Recklessness while driving vehicles: Some drivers think they own the road and do not care about other vehicles and cars surrounding them, and do not care about their safety or the safety of others So you have to pay attention to the road and remember that the street is not yours, but it belongs to all, therefore, Do not get dazzled in your fast car and forget yourself on the way

5 - Lack of concentration during driving: this is caused by the driver's concern to talk on the phone, or talk to his companions Or not focus his eyes on the road while driving, as well as his preoccupation with rolling tapes, all of these causes distracted driver's mind and cause traffic accidents.

6 - Non-compliance with general safety conditions such as not using seat belts while driving the safety belt is very important and may save you from death and you do not know

7- Driving vehicles by unqualified persons: the driving of vehicles by young minors and adolescents is one of the causes of traffic accidents. They do not care or appreciate the magnitude of the risks they will encounter while driving vehicles without training or awareness,

8 - Periodic repairing of the vehicle: Periodic maintenance of tires and brakes is necessary to avoid traffic accidents.

9 - Driving the visually impaired and the elderly of vehicles

10 - Driving when feeling tired and sleepy, so watch out.

11 - The presence of animals on the roads, therefore, open your eyes

  and The most common traffic accident injuries is Spinal Cord Injury, Brain concussion and head injuries, Amputation of limbs, Burns, Bruises of the rib cage, heart and lungs, Fractures, Psychological and social effects and others and most people with traffic accidents are in a state of fear, anxiety, and forgetfulness, which in turn lead to depression.